May I come into the classroom to OBSERVE my child's class?

​During all dance classes starting at ages 3 and up, only the dance students enter the classroom (parents, guardians and siblings must remain outside the classroom on the community center premises).  This standard policy in dance studios minimizes distractions and ensures that the instructor can keep the students safe, focused, learning and having fun!  However, during the last class of each session, families are invited into the classroom to watch a brief performance.

Ballet Class- Go Bananas Dancing


May I BRING A SIBLING to Mommy & Me or Dance & Prance?

Yes!  But only registered students who are ages 2 and 3 may partake in the dancing.  Parents/guardians are welcome to bring infants into the class, but for safety reasons, they must be in some kind of baby carrier.

May I take photos and video of my child during class?

Only on the last day of class may you take photos and video of your child during class.  This policy is to help keep the kids safe and focused on learning.  Also, for privacy reasons, you may take photos and video of your own child only.


Sometimes, but often we are busy with our regular classes.  Please contact Ms. Susannah for more info.  We also love Urban Kangaroo for parties, visit

If there is INCLEMENT WEATHER like snow, how do I know if the class is cancelled?

For classes offered through Arlington Parks & Recreation, please call 703-228-4715, and if "Enjoy Arlington" classes are cancelled, we are cancelled.  To see if classes in Alexandria are cancelled, call 703-746-5594.  To see if classes in Falls Church are cancelled, call 703-248-5077.

What is the DRESS CODE for my child's class?

For BALLET classes, students may wear leather or canvas ballet shoes, or they may dance in bare feet.  We recommend a pink or black leotard (with or without attached skirt) and pink footless tights for girls.  For boys, we recommend a white T shirt and black shorts or sweatpants.  NOTE:  Please tie shoe strings in a knot and cut off the extra string.

For all TAP classes, students must wear Tap shoes with socks or footed tights.  For attire, see the Ballet suggestions above (Ms. Heather is pictured with Tap n' Ballet students).    

For HIP HOP & JAZZ, we recommend stretchy or loose-fitting clothing and flat-soled sneakers or Jazz shoes; same for MODERN but bare feet.

For LET'S PLAY BALLET and DANCE & PRANCE, students may wear any clothing that is appropriate for dancing along with leather ballet shoes or bare feet.    

What STORES sell dance clothes and shoes?

We love Robcyns at 3660 King Street in Alexandria.  Also, we suggest going to Target or getting used shoes.  Please purchase Ballet shoes made of leather or canvas.

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